Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 2 of STEM

Today I left for my hour long run and got lost. It was pouring rain out but I love running in the rain, thus I thought it would be a great day. I finally realized that I had taken a wrong turn and could not figure out where I was. I then flagged down a truck and the gentleman was nice enough to state that I was way off- I had to turn around and go back the way I came and head back to Limestone since I was in Fort Fairfield (and not just a little bit over the border). Needless to say my hour long run turned into a two hour run. I guess I got my exercise today!

My first class today was a bit boring. He zipped through the maps on Google which I do not use with my students. I guess I should pay attention as who knows when I could use this for myself or for an assignment. I worked on finding resources to make a custom Google search (which is something he showed us today). I am now in my website and blog class, where I am now blogging.

My day ended well as my two boys came to visit with me. We drove to Presque Isle and did some shopping or really poking around in stores. I did find a few books for my classroom library. I also picked up supplies for the classroom and supplies for my sons. The great thing is I found a natural food store! We ate at a Chinese food place in town, which the boys enjoyed. It was nice to see them and have them tell me how much they miss me!

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