Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 3 of STEM training

I had a great morning so far. I did not get lost running, but I did see fresh bear tracks and moose poop! In my morning classes I have learned how to edit videos online at (it is amazing!) and worked on my website along with other Google products. It has been a productive morning! My afternoon class on Murder, Mystery and Arson is okay. We did some reading on an arson so it was a bit boring. In the afternoon I hiked Aroostook State Park. It was not a bad hike up on the North side and great views at the top. Coming down we decided to go down the South side (opposite of what is recommended) and we found out quickly why. There is a large cliff that you have to scale down, and with my water climbing shoes it was a bit slippery. I took my time and made it safely. We arrived a bit late for dinner but it was still available. I then shoveled my dinner down to make it to my free 15-minute massage. Two people did not show up so I received a 45-minute free massage! I then went and did some work before I went to bed.

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