Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 4 of STEM Training

I have once again gotten a lot of work done. I went for my run this morning and my legs now have many scratches from the high grass- ouch! I ended up running in the long, muddy, and slippery puddles as the grass was just hurting too much. My classes have been going well as I have been finishing and adding information to my class website. I am excited about all that is going on and having my questions answered so well by the people who are training us this week. This afternoon I am going zip lining at the Great Falls- I will update on how this goes. On my last class of the day we did a Murder Mystery Dinner. It was fun to see all of us animated (as we had to pretend to be other people and I was Dr. Sigmund Fraud). We had to guess at the end who we thought was the murder and none of us got it right.

Okay I went zip lining at the Great Falls in New Brunswick with ZipZag. It was great! I had a few butterflies as I was standing on the log. This was because you are high up already and strapped on the line looking down or across to where you are going to be crossing. Once we (as there are two people at a time- one on one side and one on the other- there are two different lines) took off I was fine. I was looking around and enjoying the view of the falls. Natashia was on the line next to mine and she was a hoot! She yelled and fist pumped the air and on our second run she told me I had to do this, so we did it together. Great times!

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