Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 2 of 360* Training

Today went well and I felt a little less overwhelmed. We were able to discuss more today and debate some topics, which I enjoy doing. One topic was the role of educators in presenting the Holocaust to our students and what we will do when the Holocaust survivors are no longer here to say their story. It was interesting to hear what people said, which ranged from being the voice to those lost, to those who say that all we can do is say what has been said with videos or diaries not try to be the person voice. I had a great lunch with two teachers from Estonia (where I visited this summer) along with two other teachers from schools in Maine. The conversation centered on Estonian history and we found a lot of similarities between Estonian's history with the Soviet Union and the Holocaust. I am enjoying the training and cannot wait to share all that I am learning with my students.

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