Friday, August 10, 2012

Last Day of 360* Training

This morning the two teachers from Estonia presented their history and its relation to WWII- very informative and something that I did not really know about till their discussions. I think this bit of history was left out of what we know of WWII. The Estonians were sent to Syberia for death camps from the Soviets as the Soviets wanted to take over with the Germans (eventually the Germans and Soviets turn against each other). Look at this site if you want more information
 We then had wrap up conversations and a lecture by Robert, the executive director of the Holocaust Human Rights Center of Maine, on antisemitism. I am going to eat at a organic bakery this afternoon on my way home. I am excited to go home, as my summer has been busy. Monday begins the school year for all of us teachers in SAD #27- excited about this year!

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