Saturday, October 20, 2012

1st Week of NECAP Done!

We finished the first week of NECAP testing with students and I have to say- thank goodness only one week left to go! The students are taking this seriously, which is great, but some are becoming completely stressed out. I had a student about to cry because of the stress she was feeling with the test. What are we doing to our students that this occurs? Are we pushing the test too much? Are we putting too much pressure on our students when we discuss the tests and how much we want them to try for their best? Or is this really an issue with the standardized testing overall, thus being a state/government issue? I am not sure, except that I hate seeing my students upset, frustrated, and not wanting to come to school due to these tests. One more week and we can go back to a regular schedule and actually having teaching time with our students!

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