Thursday, October 11, 2012

ACTEM Training

I am attending ACTEM training in Augusta to learn about how I can integrate technology into my classroom even more. It is great to see everything out there, but how can we financially get there and how do we train everyone? I am interested in trying to find grant money or donors that are willing to support the classroom for such products as EnoFlex or a Vaddio Camera. If you do not know what these are then check them out online- it is amazing! I am missing my students and my own boys with the training. I have checked in with both of them, and all seems to be going well (I hope it continues!).

Okay on a side note- I hate it when there are know-it-all's in class. How annoying! Another teacher continually would answer the questions directed at me or even interrupt me when I was talking. She was older and very presumptuous!

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