Friday, December 21, 2012

The Break is Coming! (Is this a good thing?)

I love teaching and the students, thus I am only half excited about the holiday break. I know I will enjoy my time with my family, especially so since my husband will be on vacation also, but I know I will be thinking about the students I work with and how their holiday is going. I know not every student is sleeping in a warm house or has an abundant amount of food on the table. I also know that even though I worry about this, I also worry about how to get my students to complete their work on time and how to help them become better readers and writers. Yes, I am a worrier and will be this way till my death. I worry about how to reach every student who enters my classroom. I worry how I can differentiate the lessons or spend time with the students to help them grow as a learner. I worry about how to best evaluate the students. I worry...I worry...and I worry! Does this feeling every go away? My first thought is no, if you want to be a good teacher. It relates to being a parent, the worrying. I enjoy getting to know my students for the year they are with me and then they are gone, just like our own children, eventually. My hope is that my worrying is for something. That all that I am trying to do for the students helps at least a few students who sit at a rickety desk in my classroom. I guess only time will tell.

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