Sunday, January 6, 2013

Standards Based...

Recently my school is looking at standards based learning/grading. I feel the largest game changer with this type of learning and teaching is that students are in charge of their learning, instead of the traditional way of the teacher leading the group. Students are allowed to choose how s/he will show their learning to meet the standard, which allows creativity and individuality. I love this type of classroom teaching, but do have apprehension at times with this thinking. My apprehension stems from having the students and parents on board with this total 180* of how things are taught and learned. Additionally, for those students who love to procrastinate, as I have seen in the past where I used to teach in Southern Maine, this type of learning can be a hinderance. The student has a hard time trying to figure out what needs to be done and how to do it, as s/he is used to being TOLD what to do. With this type of learning being told what to do is not the norm, learning is in the students hands. I also wondering, as this only happened with one student I have seen before, how a high achieving student transitions to high school standards (because I teach 8th grade) before the end of the 8th grade year? As we slowly transition to this type of teaching/learning I look forward to the challenges and adapting a new way to teach students.

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