Sunday, March 10, 2013

PBIS with Winter Carnival

Last week a co-worker, the Spirit Committee (of students) and myself implemented Winter Carnival, for the first time in ten years at our middle school. I had no clue what I was doing, as I had never run this before. The co-worker, who supported with this event, had only seen this run, but again had never run an event like this before. Thus, you had two people with a small group of students trying to do something in which they had no clue what or how to do. Overall, the week went well as many students were excited with the events and had fun (which was my main objective!). I had a small point system given to each winning group (which was done by homerooms), just to throw in some type of competition. The issue is not with the students being competitive, but with the adults. I did not realize we had so many competitive (I mean really competitive) adults working in our building! It was great to see this passion and have them involved with the events all week. I love to compete, but my goal is as always for the students is to have fun and to bond as a group. Competition is good, but please remember that students enjoying themselves is our goal.

We are meeting next week to discuss what changes we would like for next year and what went well.

If anyone has any suggestions about what can be done for a Winter Carnival (even though you do not know what we did this year) or even for a Summer Festival (for the end of the year) please let me know!

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