Saturday, March 23, 2013

Students Make Me Laugh, Not Cry

The joke with my students is that I have no heart. Yes, of course I literally do, but let me explain how this joke began. I hate to cry, no really I abhor crying. It makes me feel weak and vulnerable, two things I dislike also. Since I teach emotional young teens, this seems unreal to them. Many of the girls that I teach discus how they cried at a movie or commercial (you know the one's with the animals and sad music asking you to donate money), and when they turn to me asking if I cry at those times I state a simple no. This is incredulous to them and as they continue to probe me I explain that I really dislike crying and think if you cry a lot you look silly. Many of my students think this statement is silly and their goal is to see me cry. What a goal, huh?! Anyways, I now have students telling me every sad story they can think of- everything to a death with a family member or pet, to them being hurt in some way. I know am known as the teacher with a stone heart, because I have not cried. I know I say this jokingly, but I know I have heart. I care deeply for my students and they know this (crying aside). I can joke with them, push them in their learning, and discuss their thoughts with mine during lectures. I have a heart because I want each of them to succeed and believe they can, even if they do not share this belief. Maybe, someday I will cry when all of my class does their work on time and at the best of their ability!

My quote of the week from a student occurred when I was teaching the weekly Greek and Latin roots. We were discussing/learning the root hypo (which means under). A student stated "Is under a word?- How is understood with under- how are you under something that stood in your learning?" I stood their looking at her questioningly, trying to digest and truly figure out what she was saying. The rest of the students all paused and looked at her in the same manner. It finally clicked to what she was saying and what she was trying to do- break down the word using her current knowledge of the word. I chuckled and began my description to her about what we can do with the word and different meanings of words. I ended with "New knowledge is ahead of you- old knowledge is under you, solidified in your brain." This seemed to make sense to her and we all had a good chuckle thanks to this students question.

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