Saturday, April 6, 2013

Teaching is Like Running

On my run the other morning I began to make analogies of running to teaching. I thought that sometimes I feel like I am running a marathon with my students. When I am teaching the students about research writing for the first time and all this entails I truly feel like I am running a marathon, up hill, the entire way. Just like running a marathon though, I am always excited, joyful and reminiscent of the times teaching this feat to the students. I also feel like I am sprinting when teaching my students. I know my students would argue that they feel I am always at a sprint, but if only they knew how fast I really wanted the work turn around or how much I plan to do, but cannot get to for the year! My sprints in the classroom usually center around my feelings of trying to ensure that all the students needs are being met. I can be seen bopping from one students desk to the next trying to make sure that this happens, thus my sprints are quick but efficient- (I hope!). At other times I feel that I am jogging, at a leisurely pace in the classroom. Mind you this does not occur as much as I would like, but it does occur. This abnormality usually happens when students are used to the regiment in the classroom and know what to expect when entering. For example, on Tuesday's we have our Greek and Latin Root Day! The period begins with a quiz, then an introduction of the week's Greek and Latin roots, followed by a mini-lesson on a writing skill (usually where I try to incorporate roots into something we are learning). This leisure can also occur when I am reading. As I have spoken about before, I love to read aloud to the students to see their thoughts, allow them to hear mine, and to make connections with the students as I read. It becomes a family affair, our reading, and I feel makes us a closer unit (corny, I know). I think that my epiphany, which I am sure is not a new one, was brilliant of me regardless. Thus, running and teaching similar as the journey and pace is different for everyone.