Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kindle vs. The Real Thing

Okay, I admit it- I need some advice. Next year students will be receiving iPads instead of laptops. I am now in a quandary over how I should present books for literature circle to my students. Should I buy the ereader or the old faithful (hard copy)? See there are pros and cons to both. For the ereader, students are able to not have the excuse of loosing or forgetting their book, it can read it to them, make notes or highlights and students can easily look up unknown words. For the hard copy, students can mark the pages with stickies (allowing me and others to easily see), easily refer to pages in discussions (something that I find harder to do on an ereader), and I am able to reuse the book for years to come (cost effective). Thus, my quandary. I would love any input from teachers who have made the switch or anyone who has ideas on sharing texts on an ereader (even those texts that are not lendable).

Thanks for your help in advance!

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