Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Isn't It Frustrating...

School begins shortly for us, up here in "The County." I am excited and nervous, as I am every year. Unfortunately, this year I am also frustrated. Summer is not a time "off" for teachers, as many people think. This is a time to reevaluate our lessons or units, to reconfigure how we will meet the standards, and how to best meet our students learning needs. My frustration comes with those who believe otherwise. This could be the ignorant Joe Smith, who says condescendingly "I wish I was a teacher. Then I could have summers off too." Really? When did I have time "off" this summer? Lets see...I was at trainings at least once a week; I attended a week long intensive training in New York; I was constantly reading different teaching methods or strategies to help my teaching grow; I implemented what I was learning to new units or lessons and then updating/cleaning the class website; I had to unpack my entire classroom and re-set it up as we moved this summer; I cataloged each book and placed them by genres in my classroom (FYI this is over 800 books for my classroom); and I met weekly with a teacher I will be co-teaching this year. Summer off? HA! Now I am not complaining about what I have done, but am ranting about those who think teachers have such a luxury of summers completely off. Now, I do understand that every educator out there "works" during the summer, or works that much. This is my second frustration. Why, a few weeks before school is to begin, are things being done now? Why is it too late to do certain things, since we did have all summer? Professionalism and putting forth our best should be our goal, not standing back and sitting on our hands. So, here is to today! Go out there and do something productive, I know I will!

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