Saturday, September 7, 2013

Teaching and the Circus

Are students not pushed hard enough with their education? This question has been on my mind for a few years now as I continually hear from students about how hard my class is or how much work they receive. Am I actually being too hard or are our students becoming more lazy? With technology at everyone's finger tips and students of all ages used to being entertained by the masses, I feel that it is no wonder that when we are in a classroom students can be disengaged. I remember Saturday's at the library researching for a report I had due, yet now students can do this freely at any time with the Internet. Students are required to read three different texts in my class at the same time. Many complain about this, as it is difficult for them to remember what each text is about. I employ different reading strategies to help combat this issue, but students are not used to pushing their brains in this capacity. What do fellow readers or teachers do with this issue?

I also am wondering where reading is going in this technological age. The circus is not a big hit anymore with the masses, as there are no special effects or major animation techniques as seen daily on one's T.V. or Internet device. Remember in history when reading was the only activity one had to entertain themselves, and families would sit around a fire for hours either being read to or reading. Now, my students continually tell me how much they dislike reading (not all but many). Did technology take away the small pleasures in our life?

Lastly, I want my students to grow as learners and enjoy their learning, but I feel that a fine line occurs with this. If I push too hard, then I could loose the student and their learning. If I do not push hard enough, then I still have lost the student and their learning. Thus, the tight-wire of teaching, in addition to preforming so array of fireworks with our technology to keep the students engaged.

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