Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The First Weeks Done, Phew!

The first couple of weeks of school are now done. I have jumped, crouched, slithered and even tried to fly over these hurdles, actually being successful with some. Getting to know the students, well actually remembering their names is my first hurdle and I must say that I am doing fairly well with this. I am the worst with names! I can remember a face, but I blank, I mean totally blank when it comes to names 99% of the time. Repetition is the key for me, thus why when I have a student in my classroom I constantly say their name. The next hurdle is making sure that the classroom guidelines are set and I am able to set clear guidelines for the students to follow them. This is tough for some, which in return makes it tough for me. I hate being the rule-layer-downer, but it comes with the job. I tell the students that they do not have to actually like me (yes, this is a perk) but they have to respect me. My job is to teach, not be your best friend. Can those two really coincide? My third hurdle is time. Already I have less time than I plan for in class. I always plan for more than I need, but then I am disappointed when we cannot get to everything. How can I accomplish everything and still not feel rushed? Is this a problem for everyone in their classroom and if so, how do you overcome it?

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