Wednesday, June 22, 2016

You Are Amazing!

I do not think anyone hears enough that they are amazing, incredible, or even great. When I think about how often our students hear the negative or see the negative in the form of feedback of comments from teachers, students, and family I think that we need to change our behaviors to be more positive.  

I recently read about Operation Beautiful on another blog I read.  The person who writes this blog started Operation Beautiful by leaving positive messages on the mirrors of public restroom (great idea- right?!). She left messages like “You are incredible!” or “You are amazing!" in hopes to end negative self-talk. The way it works is you post anonymous notes in public places for other people to read and find, and then you take a picture to submit to Operational Beautiful for them to post on their blog.  Amazing, right? Yet, why can we not do this for our students.?

 I would love to post random positive messages to students in emails, in the bathroom, slide a note in one's locker, or even on the student's work. This would make a great challenge to one's self or even other teachers- who can do the most positive messages to students, along with who can do the most original positive message and delivery. The challenge would be in hopes that these behaviors would then become more automatic and passed along by others (the whole Pay it Forward effect). 

Thus, I challenge you to begin your own Operation Beautiful and post them to either that site of tweet me at @beal_kara. I would love to see what you are doing!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Classroom Management Reflection

I am in the reminiscing mood this morning, as I sit here and contemplate the end of the school year. It always boggles my mind how when we first arrive in August to begin our time with our students that we cannot fathom June graduation with our middle school students. Yet, that date in June always shows up abruptly at our classroom door. I want to push it back and tell it I am not ready! I am not ready, as I need more time with my students for learning and just for time with them. Yes, I now love them deeply and hate when I have to say goodbye. As I continue my reflection I contemplate my teaching and classroom management. I always have the students do an anonymous survey on what they learned and my teaching for the year. This is to help me with what I should be doing and planning for the following year. This year as I reviewed the survey's I found myself relating my classroom management to quotes and insight of others. The follow are a few to contemplate.

Classroom management is like:
"...a technical manual because it should include everything that happens in your classroom. Just like you can look up any specific problem or topic in a technical manual and find information, you should have a plan, routine, or procedure for everything that happens in your classroom. This will ensure that things run as smoothly as possible."~ Eunice Nickel
"...a romance novel because you want the students to fall in love with you and learning. You will have your up and downs like any relationship but in the end you want yourself and the other person to be happy."~ Samantha Heasty
"...a travel guide because the school year is a journey that takes you many places whether they be smooth easy highways or rough bumpy roads. Like a good travel guide, good classroom management can successfully lead you though the school year. It can show you your destinations along the way, point out the "pit stops" where you need to stop and refuel, and finally help lead you through the school year on the smoothest road possible."~ Conolley August