Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Gift of Teaching

I truly believe that teaching is a gift, something that I allowed to do each day with my students. It is not a profession or job, but something I value and enjoy.  Teaching offers opportunities to inspire and motivate children—to whet their appetites for inquiry and spur their curiosity. 

As a teacher we have a lot of commitment. First commitment to our self, we invest time, effort, sacrifices, money just to prepare our self to learn so that so we can teach someday. I believe that the greatest preparation of a teacher is the preparation of the heart, because the heart of education is the education of the heart Teaching is sharing one life to others, sharing knowledge to the students. Teaching is said to be the mother of all profession, because it is in the hands of teacher where the attorney and even president of the Philippines are molded and prepared. Teachers must fully understand the importance of their job; teachers must consider teaching to be a lifestyle, not a mere forty hours a week job.
We are here to facilitate to help the students to understand and to learn; helping the students to expand their knowledge; guide them to achieve their own dreams, to become a better person in the future. 

I am driven to help students achieve their full potential, and feel rewarded when they see their students succeed, even though this is different for each student. I also find that I learn from my students daily. It could be showing me a mistake I made or sharing some personal insight of themselves. This ensures that we are growing together and learning continually. 
Patience in teaching and understanding every individual sometimes is hard but doing our passion, doing our best to help them is a joy that can never be bought by money. Understanding the situation and their environment also help us to facilitate. Start listening to the students, some crave for attention, people fell loved when you give theme attention. Give love and listening is an act of love.

The miracles we see everyday, are of those who open their eyes to knowledge; miracles can happen if you let them happen.

Advice From Your Humble Teacher

Life is what it is. We do the things we find value in. I mean it's never really about saving the world, is it? It's about easing that burden we feel inside ourselves that tells us we should act when we can for some vague sense of the greater good. This gives our lives purpose. Though we know that our time is fleeting and will matter little in the vast history of an infinite universe, we do what we can because we feel it is right and that it is good. I will tell you that you, students, I will never forget, and you have been a tremendous influence in my life, as you have been to countless others. Life is a journey, and the people we meet and the things we are taught make us who we are. Be assured then, that what change may come from the people you inspire, or the lives they touch, will be the product of what you've helped make them. Do not, therefore, be disheartened, for you too have been strengthened by your trials and the people you've met and the things you've learned. You may be tired, but you are not weak. Know that the work you do does indeed make a difference, though you may not be able to see it yet.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Thank you students!

I love my job, teaching. There is nothing better in this world than being a teacher, regardless of the bumps and bruises and nicks and scratches that my heart, mind, and body have taken over the years. I have the privilege of waking up each day with the opportunity to make a difference. I get to spend every day talking about things that matter and helping students explore the things that matter to them. While I cannot turn back the clock, or better yet, stop it, each day I spend with you allows me to reflect on my past, peer into your future, and find peace in our present. You, students, are all so amazing. To glimpse the inner growth and development taking place within is to take snapshots of miracles. If pride were an energy source, I could light up a city. The fact that I get to learn and grow beside you is an honor I do not take lightly. Thank you, students, for giving my life purpose and ensuring that my short time here matters. Thank you, students, for trusting me to help guide you as you make your way in the world. For having the courage or the curiosity to walk into my classroom and say, “I guess I’ll see what this lady has to offer.” Thank you for being you. My sincerest hope is that what I have to offer is…enough.