Sunday, January 8, 2017

Thank you students!

I love my job, teaching. There is nothing better in this world than being a teacher, regardless of the bumps and bruises and nicks and scratches that my heart, mind, and body have taken over the years. I have the privilege of waking up each day with the opportunity to make a difference. I get to spend every day talking about things that matter and helping students explore the things that matter to them. While I cannot turn back the clock, or better yet, stop it, each day I spend with you allows me to reflect on my past, peer into your future, and find peace in our present. You, students, are all so amazing. To glimpse the inner growth and development taking place within is to take snapshots of miracles. If pride were an energy source, I could light up a city. The fact that I get to learn and grow beside you is an honor I do not take lightly. Thank you, students, for giving my life purpose and ensuring that my short time here matters. Thank you, students, for trusting me to help guide you as you make your way in the world. For having the courage or the curiosity to walk into my classroom and say, “I guess I’ll see what this lady has to offer.” Thank you for being you. My sincerest hope is that what I have to offer is…enough.

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