Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Advice From Your Humble Teacher

Life is what it is. We do the things we find value in. I mean it's never really about saving the world, is it? It's about easing that burden we feel inside ourselves that tells us we should act when we can for some vague sense of the greater good. This gives our lives purpose. Though we know that our time is fleeting and will matter little in the vast history of an infinite universe, we do what we can because we feel it is right and that it is good. I will tell you that you, students, I will never forget, and you have been a tremendous influence in my life, as you have been to countless others. Life is a journey, and the people we meet and the things we are taught make us who we are. Be assured then, that what change may come from the people you inspire, or the lives they touch, will be the product of what you've helped make them. Do not, therefore, be disheartened, for you too have been strengthened by your trials and the people you've met and the things you've learned. You may be tired, but you are not weak. Know that the work you do does indeed make a difference, though you may not be able to see it yet.

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